MARES//SEAS bring together to concepts; MA and SER (BEING). In the meeting of these two concepts we signify what means to being. What does it mean to be “it”? Live in the edge where everything could be possible; hold the space in between to become a wave, the sea, and all the seas.

We open a space to think around Butoh dance. Creates connections between the artistic community that’s is interested in body movement and others ways to think the body. Think and redo the elements that are around this discipline.

Mares is a meeting of Butoh Dance in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. From September 21st to 30th of 2017. We will have the participation of Rhea Volij (Argentina) dancer and choreographer, Gustavo Emilio Rosales (Mexico/Argentina) writer and dance critic and the national and international artistic community.




September 25th to 29th from 10:00 to 14:00 h
Duration 20 h
Centro de Creación Contenporanea, EL CUARTEL, Reforma 425. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mex

When dancing is no longer movement, what is it?
When a molecular body surrenders to the thickness of the time, how is it?
When I disown myself, who I am?

An unusual way of listen. The emptiness that makes the ordinary mind quiet. The full presence/creation of a live body becomes dance. Butoh is full presence; let the body speak for himself, in his ascetic and erotic dimension, let overcame your own silence and buried this ordinary body and became alive. Our body is a landscape that is waiting to be discovered. We are a concourse of human memory, mineral memory, vegetal and cosmic memory, In a way is the dance of no movement and dance of an intensity that transforms and deforms. This strength make us return to our primitive body, a body full of live beyond the norm.


Before august 24th $1,500 mx*
From august 25th to September 9th $1,700 mx
From September 10th $1,900 mx

Note: You can also do a payment in USD. Get in contact with us for more information
*MX: mexican pesos


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- The workshop only has 30 available spots.
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- The inscription will be canceled with in 4 days of not making the payment.
- Photos or video cannot be taken during the workshop.



by Rhea Volij

Friday September 22nd. 20 h.
Teatro Alarife Martín Casillas//Alcalde 1351 Col. Centro Guadalajara
Free entry

Desire, only as a vital force, will not remain. Laniafuego will be domesticated: mind and body might take the opposite directions

What is the desiring body like? Is the Cosmos a pure desiring potency and we just the shape it takes?

Little by little, laniñafuego returns: promise of the wild, nameless desire.

Coreography and execution: Rhea Volij
Director assistant: Alfrida Podlischevski
Music: Cluster, Claudio Peña
Makeup - bodypainting: Silvia Zavaglia
Costume making: Claudia RRR
Lighting design: Carlos G. Coccia
Photography: Paula Zacharias
Production ARG: Ana Di Toro, Rhea Volij
Production MEX: Alfonsina Riosantos, Guyphytsy Aldalai, Debora Galicia



by Rhea Volij

Saturday September 30th. 20 h.
LARVA//Ocampo 120 Col. Centro Guadalajara
Free entry

“I used to think that being and adult consisted on this game: loosing sight of itself" (Christa Wolf)

Somehow the adult world of this "Casandra" weights the Word as true. "Habla Casandra" is the transition from speaking to listening. This raises the question on what remains true in this world full of words and just a few feet listening ro the earth's voice.

Coreography and execution: Rhea Volij
Director assistant: Alfrida Podlischevski
Sound design:  Eduardo Felenbok
Costume making: Líbera Woszezenczuc, CRRR
Ligthing design: Eduardo Safigueroa
Objects on stage: Carlos Coccia, Camila Di Mia
Photography: Paula Zacharias, Ismael Dume
Production ARG: Rhea Volij/ Carlota Berzal
Production MEX: Guyphytsy Aldalai, Alfonsina Riosantos, Debora Galicia


A BODY FOR BUTOH by Rhea Volij (ARG)


Saturday September 23rd
LARVA, Laboratorio de Arte Variedades. Ocampo 120. Historic Center GDL.
Free entry


Dance intervention by the attendants of the workshop “Touching the Shadows”
Friday September 29th 17:00 h
Centro de Creación Contemporánea, EL CUARTEL
Free entry


Rhea Volij

She is consider one of the biggest exponent of Butoh Dance in Argentina and Latin America. She train with Sumako Koseki for five years in France besides that she work with other dancers like Carlota Ikeda, Miguel Angel Ganiko, Hisako Horikawa, Tadashi Endo, Minako Seki, Ko Murobushi, Akira Kasai, Sankai Juku and Yumiko Yushioka.

In Europe she work in the dance company of Sumako Seki and the Compagnie du Crepuscule.

In the last 20 years she has been in Argentina strongly dedicate to teach and spread the seed of Butoh Dance. Teaching in her own studio and in the universities in San Martín and La Plata, the Cultural Center Ricardo Rojas and the Argentinian National University UNA, where she was also director of the GEAM (Group of movement arts experimentation).

As a director she have work with Isabel Beteta in Mexico, The company Trampalojo from Cordoba, the company La Brizna and also the Himenóptera. She collaborate with Cristina Banegas and with Pompeyo Audivert. She works under the direction of Máximo Salas in “Debajo del cielo” and also with Majo Goldín in “Onda Gravitacional”. Her work has been show in Uruguay, Brasil, Mexico, Ecuadro, USA, Chile, Francia, Japón y España.


Gustavo Emilio Rosales

Writer, investigator and critic of the arts of movement.

Director of the magazine DCO Danza Cuerpo Obsesión. Magazine that has his center point in the research an investigation of the body thru dance and movement. This magazine is a co edition between Mexico and Argentina.

He is autor of several books like; Intemperancia y situación de un Atopía. Las actuales tendencias conceptuales y estéticas de la danza contemporánea mexicana; Epistemología del cuerpo en estado de danza; Días de Danza y Fantasmata. Los espectros del cuerpo. Danza, memoria e imaginación.

He has publish his work in different magazines and books in Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, France, USA and Spain.

He had got the grant Prince Claus (Netherlands); Proteatro the honorarium from Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentina); and Iberescena (Hispano-American).

He has an international presence and a teacher and investigator. Is director of the Escuela Autónoma y Maldita de Otra Danza that development new online teaching programs.

At the moment he has the honorarium from Programa Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte 2016-2019, from Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Mexico).